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Pet Sitting and Overnights

A variety of services that will perfectly suit you and your pet’s needs.

Aquarium Care

Set-up and maintenance services to help you create and maintain a beautiful aquarium in your business or home.

Dog Walking

Dog walking services that provide your pups with daily exercise, stimulation, and socialization.

Farm/Large Animal Sitting

Pet-sitting services for your large animals and farms by sitters specifically experienced in the field.


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About Your Pet Care Providers

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Our Mission

Prestige Pet-Sitting Agencies, LLC was born out of a true and deep life-long passion of working with animals. Our procedures and business concepts strengthened from an un-wavering desire to provide stellar customer service that each individual client could feel and appreciate. We’ve worked with dozens of absolutely incredible pet sitters whose independent work ethics propel them to provide the best possible care for your pets. And we have grown as we continue to provide more and more happy clients with professional in-home, pet-sitting services.These are the things we will continue to do. We will provide you with a wonderful, professional experience that is personal, individualistic, and also accessible in our busy world. We will provide your pet with love, care, our commitment, and a compelling service that truly benefits them in so many ways.

Fully Bonded and Insured


In 2005, NRV Varmints Pet-Sitting Agency was officially established in Blacksburg, Va. It grew from a one person operation to a fully staffed pet-sitting agency with a full spectrum of pet care services. In 2010, we began to expand outside of the NRV and Prestige Pet-Sitting Agencies, LLC was born.


Prestige Pet Sitting is a member of several local and national organizations that provide us with continued education opportunities and true business savvy. We love being a part of our local communities and also participate in several regional events and festivals, providing fun and educational opportunities for our sitters, clients, and communities.

Pet Sitters

We only work with the very best! Your sitters are typically fueled by a love of animals, but consistently present with a plethora of awesome personality traits such as attention to detail, great organization and time management skills, as well as positive energy and genuine compassion for your pets. If you have forgotten what it’s like to work with professionals who love their jobs…come be reminded what stellar customer service really is!

Roger R.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2012

Carolyn T.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2015

Becky R-S

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2012

Robyn T.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2015

Sarah B.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2016

Lindsey S.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2014

Roxi J.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2012

Erin L.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2008

Sarah D.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2016

Whitney A.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2009

Taylor W.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2015

Meghan M.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2012

Brendle W.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2014

Sarah R.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2001

Mike B

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2013

Deanne E.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2015

C.J. K.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2013

Bryan P.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2005

Michele C.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2015

Jessica M.

Professional Pet Sitter Since: 2015

Services and Rates

Providing Superior Pet-Sitting Services in Roanoke, Salem, New River Valley, Charlottesville, and Beyond


We provide specialized and customized in-home pet care and dog walking services. Our goal is to completely adapt to your animal's world, by following their normal routine and keeping them in the most comfortable environment...their own! Boarding and kenneling can be stressful for you and your pet, and our alternative pet-sitting service is second to none. Below are our basic visit prices. Please feel free to inquire about any other services you may need or desire.

Daily Visits

single or multiple daily visits made at your home to care for your pets based on your individual specifications and pet’s routine.


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Farm/Large Animal Visit

daily visit to care for any large/farm animals by sitters who are versed in caring for them.


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Pet Taxi

one-way taxi service to your pet’s vet, groomer, boarding location or beyond.


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Medication Administration

single administration of any/all oral or topical medications (please inquire about sub-cue administrations).


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Need a Service You Don't See?

ask us about customizing services that fit your needs perfectly!


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Overnight Stay

8-10 consecutive hours of care through the evening and night. Night and morning duties included in price.


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We can provide your dog with the daily exercise and stimulation that they need and crave! Call or email to discuss your dog’s specific needs.

Dog Walk

a visit just to take your pooch out mid day for a walk and potty break...a wonderful option for dogs that need daily exercise and stimulation., puppies, and geriatrics


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Field Trip

includes a dog walk in a dog friendly location away from your home and a two-way taxi to pick up and drop off the dog


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Sit and Stay

50-60 minutes of personal TLC at your home to give pooch a potty break and some extra attention


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Dog Concierge Service

Have you been planning a wedding or another big event? Would you like to have your beloved dog by your side during the festivities? Give us a call to schedule a full service doggie concierge service, where we can pick up your pup, provide handling for them at the event, and drive him/her back home for a nap after the celebration! Please call to discuss pricing


A beautifully maintained aquarium can be a fantastic addition to your home or office, but the upkeep can require a lot of time and attention. We provide customized aquarium maintenance services. Our staff can show you how to maintain several aspects of your tank yourself, or if you would like, we can provide complete upkeep so you never have to get your hands wet. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation or to request a quote.Prices and rates may vary depending on tank size and requirements.

Happy Clients & Pets

“...my five cats seem to not even notice I've been gone. It is seamless..”

I believe we have been customers for at least the past nine or ten years and we could not be happier with Prestige and Sarah. In a time where customer service is a rare find these people are the best of the best. With my husband and I both being in the restaurant business it is like having family come into our home to take care of our four legged family because they are so consistent, reliable and compassionate. To be honest, we cannot imagine life without them.

Melanie M. client since 2008

Lindsey watched my dogs last week and as always she was amazing and we are very happy with her services.

Tais S. client since 2015

I personally use this service every time I travel. They come to our home and care for our two dogs, allowing the dogs to keep their routine and not be stressed out from staying in a kennel (no matter how good the kennel, it’s not as good as home). We usually arrange for a few visits per day so that the dogs keep their “breakfast”, mid-afternoon/“dinner”, and bedtime routines. It’s also nice to know that someone is checking the house while we’re away, turning lights on/off, etc. Our primary caregiver is fantastic. The owner, Sarah Roller, also fills in sometimes and of course she is wonderful as well. They offer a variety of services and can care for almost any type of animal (including farm / large animal visits). Prestige is the right option for us; maybe they could work well for your needs.

Cynthia B. client since 2010

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